Every member of our team is passionate about providing exceptional childcare, their commitment and determination to ensure that the children in our care have a wonderful learning experience.



Sharon Winters - Children and Young People’s Services (NVQ Level 5)


Tracey Widdowson - NVQ Level 3 and NVQ Level 4 in Management


Kate Buchanan - NVQ Level 5 in Management.  Area Manager

Louisa Gamble - NVQ Level 3.  Deputy Manager

Mary Stevenson - NVQ Level 3. Admin Assistant



Butterflies Room Leader 


Emma Gregory - NVQ Level 3


Nursery Nurses

Stacey Smith - NVQ Level 3 


Gemma Holmes - NVQ Level 3 


Katie Hollis - NVQ Level 3

Katherine Collins - NVQ Level 3


Ladybirds Room Leader


Kayleigh Sawford - NVQ Level 3


Nursery Nurses 


Sue Fleming - NVQ Level 3 


Catherine Edwards - NVQ Level 3


Nutritional Coordinator


Yvette Brown -- NVQ Level 2 food nutrition, NVQ Level 3 CCLD

After School / Breakfast Club




Tracey Widdowson - NVQ Level 3 and NVQ Level 4 in Management

Marie Stafford - NVQ Level 3 and NVQ in Team Leading

Kate Buchanan - NVQ Level 5 in Management


Deputy Manager

Wendy Milner - NVQ Level 3 CCLD

Katie Carr - NVQ Level 3

Play workers


Niamh Bardon, NVQ Level 2

Keighley Laxton, NVQ Level 2

Theresa Vernon - NVQ Level 2

Assistant Play worker


Deborah Calladine


Leah Dawson (also works at Nursery)