What's going on in Butterflies..


We would like to welcome Leo Rainbow, Esme Harrington, Bethany Beresford, Imogen-Rose McDaid and Josie Sellors to the Butterflies room.


What we have been learning – Family

With the continued focus on Speech and Language and Physical Development in the Butterflies room continuous Learning areas are enhanced daily to give children a rich learning experience. Please speak to your child’s key worker if you have concerns around Speech and Language or Physical Development as we can give you ideas for how to support your child at home.  Our Family Photo Board has been such a big success within the room that the staff have decided it’s going to be a permanent display within the room, the board will be regularly updated with new photos. If you have a photo of your family we would love to see them.  You can forward them via email, and we can print them for our display.  Pictures can be sent to Sharon.winters@btconnect.com  They are an invaluable tool for ensuring children feel included, especially those who struggle to communicate verbally and a good conversation starter.   


The children have shown an interest in Numbers this term, so the staff decided to extend play and learning. The children have had lots of messy plays and roleplay activities available to them that have involved numbers and numeracy.


Butterflies have celebrated Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, the children have taken part in many activities and have created some wonderful art to link with these celebrations! Make sure to follow us on social media to see photos of these activities.


In the upcoming months Butterflies will be celebrating the season Spring, this will include St David’s day, St Patrick’s day, Mother’s Day, Easter and St Georges day, these will help support the children’s learning of different cultures and religions. This will include a range of arts and crafts activities and food tasting experiences. If you have a festival, you wish us to celebrate then please speak to your child's keyworker. We will always welcome suggestions to enhance children’s learning experiences.  We also support charity events such as ‘Children in need’ which your child may wish to participate in.  Posters will go up around the nursery giving you plenty of notice.


The Children’s Story book of focus is ‘Hungry Caterpillar’. The children have been busy creating Artwork to go towards our featured board, and have enjoyed looking at numbers, different foods/fruits and days of the week!


If you have this story book it would be a great idea to read it at home with your child, this will support their learning at nursery.