What's going on in Ladybirds..


We would like to welcome Elizabeth, Jack, Emily, Ronnie, Thomas, Tobias and Amelia.

And we would like to say goodbye to Stanley, Marcelina and Teddy who have now transitioned into our Butterflies room.

What we have been learning

The children have really Learning about dinosaurs after showing a big intertest in them, staff decided to continue their interests and create some exciting and fun activities based around the children’s interest, the children have made dinosaur foot prints, and experimented making foot prints in different places such as our sand and playdough. The children have enjoyed listening to the sticky kids song ‘the dinosaur song’ pretending to be dinosaurs, stomping and roaring! We have also been reading ‘Rex’s specs’ at circle time, the children have loved this story book.

We will be continuing our focus on Communication and Language development with our Ladybirds children as this is vital for all areas of learning. Staff will be supporting all levels of communication by using lanyards and pictures which will support the children with their understanding. If you would like more information on this type of communication and how it will support your child, please speak to a member of staff.  Resources can be downloaded from www.sparklebox.co.uk.  

The children’s favourite nursery rhymes are currently ‘Miss Polly had a dolly’ and ‘Three little monkeys swinging in a tree’ please sing these with your child at home as repetitive activities are the key to language development.  There are rhyme cards in the home library, containing all the children’s favorite songs.  Singing with your child is an excellent way to build listening and attention skills and by far the best way to stimulate language and early reading development. 

In the upcoming months Ladybirds will be celebrating the season Spring, this will include Shrove Tuesday/pancake day, St Patrick’s day, Mother’s Day and comic relief, these will help support the children’s learning of different cultures and religions. This will include a range of arts and crafts activities and food tasting experiences. If you have a festival, you wish us to celebrate then please speak to your keyworker. We will always welcome suggestions to enhance children’s learning experiences.  We also support charity events such as ‘Children in need’ which your child may wish to participate in.  Posters will go up around the nursery giving you plenty of notice.


Nursery’s Home Library Information

Due to parents not currently being allowed in the building our home library will run a little differently, instead of a box of books being available in the parent room for you to choose form, our staff will choose a book each week that they feel your child would enjoy and benefit from and send it home in your child’s bag for you to read together. Please ensure the book its returned within a week of it being sent home so we can then give you a new book to read. The benefits of sharing books from as early an age as possible is massive and will have a crucial impact on your child’s whole learning ability.

Polite reminder; please remember if somebody different is collecting your child you must inform a member of staff prior to the collection, if we do not have a password set up for this we are unable to let your child go home with this person, this is for safeguarding reasons.