What's going on in Ladybirds..


We would like to welcome Noah Howitt, Amaya Ottewell, Leo Astle and Jessica Turner to the Ladybirds room.

We would like to wish Layla Stevenson, Amy Crilly and Jack Victory a smooth transition into the Butterflies room and onto the next chapter of her journey. 


What we have been learning

We will be continuing our focus on Communication and Language development with our Ladybirds children as this is vital for all areas of learning, staff will be supporting all levels of communication by using lanyards and pictures which will support the children with their understanding. If you would like more information on this type of communication and how it will support your child, please speak to a member of staff.  Resources can be downloaded from www.sparklebox.co.uk.  


The children have really enjoyed taking part in the Home Library, during circle time the children are given a small amount of books to look at, which ever book the child shows more interest in is the book they are given to take home and read with parents/carers. We would like to thank those parents who have been participating in this and reading with their children at home. Reading Books and looking through stories with your children is so important, not only will it greatly help your child with their communication skills it is also a great time to spend bonding with your child and making those special memories.


The children’s favorite nursery rhyme is currently ‘Old McDonald’ please sing this with your child at home as repetitive activities are the key to language development.  There are rhyme cards in the home library, containing all the children’s favorite songs.  Singing with your child is an excellent way to build listening and attention skills and by far the best way to stimulate language and early reading development. 


The next Celebrations are from October onwards, these will be Autumn and then Winter, this will include; Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Diwali and St Andrews Day which the children will be encouraged to join in with different arts and crafts activities and food tasting experiences.  


New projects within Ladybirds

Ladybird’s are beginning to develop their – ‘Exploring Autumn’ topic, the children will be taking part in a variety of Autumn themed activities, such as messy plays, story times, art, and small world. If you are able to bring in an autumn resources such as conkers, leaves, twigs, acorns etc. this would be greatly appreciated as we can use them to support our upcoming activities. Furthermore if you have an photos of our children taking part in autumnal activities at home such as pumpkin picking or autumn walks you can send us the photos via email to Sharon.winters@btconnect.com photos can them be put on displays for the children to see and learn from. This will provide a resource to stimulate conversation, build relationships and extend on language which the children already have. 


Nursery’s Home Library Information

Sue Fleming oversees the home library which has been in place for a year and is going well.  There is a selection of books to choose from, which have been specifically selected for ‘early language development’.  There is a process involved where you and your child are encouraged to select a book weekly, with the intention of sharing it as a family.  The benefits of sharing books from as early an age as possible is massive and will have a crucial impact on your child’s whole learning ability.  Creating a successful pathway for the academic journey through their whole entire life.  Each book contains a useful tips leaflet for the parent to read and as a parent you will be asked to sign the book out and back in again when you return it.  The home library has been a huge success on other sites and we hope that you will take full advantage of this opportunity.  All we ask is that the books are cared for and returned in good condition for other families to enjoy.  We are now looking for more families to take full advantage of this opportunity, it doesn’t have to be a scary prospect and for small children and babies it is just about looking at the pictures, sharing the experience together and for the child to hear language spoken to them in their home language; even if this is not English. 


Polite reminder; please remember if somebody different is collecting your child you must inform a member of staff prior to the collection, if we do not have a password set up for this we are unable to let your child go home with this person, this is for safeguarding reasons.