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Ladybirds cater for children aged 6 months to 2.5 Years.  Arrangements can be made to take them earlier, from 6 weeks depending on your circumstances.  


In the Ladybirds unit our fully qualified staff, strive to create a warm, caring and safe environment for your child.


At First Friends we want your child to feel as happy and secure as they do at home, this is reflected in the décor of the unit and in the quality of equipment being used. 


Children are able to freely move around each of our rooms, areas such as the sensory room, which expands children’s sensory experiences and also gives them space and choices.  This could be activities such as treasure baskets, holistic play, mirrors and exploring sounds and textures. The Ladybirds staffs conduct activities for the children in this room to explore the equipment individually allowing them to gain better understanding of how to play with the resources.  ​

The cosy area provides an opportunity for children to extend their imaginative development using the home corner and other imaginative resources which imitate every day life skills.


The quiet room provides an area for children to take part in story time and singing with cosy chairs and pillows to make it a homely environment.  This room also provides a rest area for any of the children who may need to sleep whilst they are at nursery.


The main play room gives the children opportunities to explore and play with a variety of toys but in addition allows a more creative and imaginative approach for the children.


These opportunities include malleable and painting experiences, sand and water play is also available.  All of these rooms will enable the children to experience every aspect of the seven areas of learning.  In this unit staff plan around the children’s interests and needs and provide next steps to expand their learning.   Your child will have a key person; this person will support and meet your Childs individual needs


Outdoor play


In addition to indoor activities the children have access to our secure outdoor play area which offers physical activities such as the climbing frame, a large play train and bridge with a variety of bikes and scooters. The outdoor area reflects on activities that the children are experiencing inside, but just on a bigger scale. The children have the opportunity to grow their own vegetables and plants. Walks to the park and other local areas take place on a regular basis, giving children further opportunity to experience and gain knowledge of our wider community.


The staff are always happy to discuss with you your baby’s/toddlers individual needs and requirements.  


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