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Food & Nutrition

Healthy and fun

Children are encouraged to enjoy mealtimes as a social time with their friends and carers. 
Healthy portions of fruit for children at First Friends Nursery from our menu.  Our menu is based on a three week rota.  Healthy portions and nutritionally balanced meals for healthy development .
Children at First Friends Nursery self serve desert

At First Friends we understand the importance of a healthy and varied diet. In accordance with our healthy lifestyle policy provide breakfast, 2 main meals and 2 snacks a day. Eating regularly ensures children get enough energy (calories) for growth, concentration, and development. Children are offered milk with breakfast and snack and water with lunch and tea. We have a varied 3 week menu that aims to meet the nutritional and dietary needs of all our children.


At First Friends we have a nutrition support coordinator (Yvette Brown) as our cook to supply the children with healthy balanced meals throughout the day.


Yvette also supports the staff and parents/carers to encourage children’s healthy life styles. Children with special dietary requirements will be supplied with alternatives to suit their needs.

We also understand many children require lots of praise and encouragement during mealtimes and work closely with families to ensure mealtimes are a positive experience.

We have a sample menu available to view.   

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