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Within the butterflies room the children are aged between 2.5 years and 5 years of age.  Children are cared for in a large and calming environment, which will help them to develop to their full potential.   Each child works closely with their key person to help support their learning on a more personal level.  Your child’s key person will work with, and support your child through both you and your child’s milestones during this stage of their development.  


These things may include, potty training, where we have the essential equipment to accommodate this, such as potties and toilet steps, a suitable area for hand washing enables children to develop hygiene awareness in a safe environment.

Children are given individual learning plans so that each child is able to exceed their own development potential .  This learning journey will be available for parents to discuss their Childs development and their individual needs. In the butterflies room there is a variety of areas for the children to explore, such as science and discovery, construction area, cosy area with books, sand and water area, ICT area, messy play and art activities.


This allows the children to have a vast amount of child initiated play, to follow a free flow approach. The staff provide the children with circle time activities to suit their individual developmental needs.


Outdoor play


In addition to indoor activities the children have access to our secure outdoor play area which offers physical activities such as a variety of bikes, scooters and balancing activities. The outdoor area reflects on activities that the children are experiencing inside, but just on a bigger scale. The children have the opportunity to grow their own vegetables and plants. Walks to the park and other local areas take place on a regular basis, giving children further opportunity to experience and gain knowledge of our wider community.


The staff are always happy to discuss with you your child's  individual needs and requirements.  


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