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Your Child Is in Great Hands

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Our Philosophy

First Friends - Childcare in Derby

First Friends is a small nursery which holds no more than 36 children at any one time. All staff and children have close relationships; staff always promote partnerships with parents/carers to encourage children’s learning, development and ensure children feel safe and secure.

Within the nursery there are 2 rooms: Ladybirds 6 weeks-2.5 years and Butterflies 2.5-5 years.

From this, children can develop a sense of care and responsibility which is empowering, giving them a firm foundation from which to grow.

Our philosophy is to help children develop an understanding of their environment and the people around them - including their friends at nursery, the wider community and the natural world. By having this ethos the children are given time within each room to fulfil their full potential and build upon their confidence individually.


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Opening Hours

Feel free to contact us if you have a query.  We're open from 7.30am - 6pm.


Ofsted report

Looking for our latest Ofsted report?  Our Early Years Register inspection report took place on 10th August 2023.  


Please browse our website to find out more about us.

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