We have a fantastic outdoor play area for all sorts of sporting activities which are planned around the children’s interests. We have a new soft surface area where the children can safely let off steam. All children in the nursery have access to the out door play area, part of which can provide shelter from either rain or sun ensuring that the children are able to play outside regardless of minor weather conditions.


Trips further afield to extend learning are also part of activities we offer.


We have a sensory area/mud kitchen in the garden to enable children explore and expand on all their senses, which will give them the opportunity to learn about natural materials and the environment in which we live. Within the sensory area we have a digging area for the children, to enabling them to explore gardening. Children have the opportunity to grow their own vegetables within our small green house. We have a wooden play house for the children to extend their imaginations to enhance their creative skills. The shelter provides a large cushion and bean bags with books and group activities for the children to investigate.