If your child or anyone in your household develops a persistent cough, has a high temperature of 37.8 or above, or loses or experiences any changes to their sense of taste and smell you must self-isolate. A coronavirus test may be required if advised by a health professional or NHS Track and Trace. For the most up to date symptoms and advice please visit the NHS website, or feel free to call us for advice and we will help the best we can.

As I am sure you are now all aware Nursery has been back open for several months and our out of school clubs reopened in September. Our staff at First Friends are doing absolutely everything to ensure our settings are kept as clean as possible. Whilst we know it is near on impossible to social distance from your babies, toddlers, children, we are doing everything we can to ensure germs stay at bay, handwashing, sterilizing, deep cleans daily, whilst increasing children’s personal hygiene. The out of school clubs are in separate ‘bubbles’ in line with the schools, to reduce the risk of any cross contamination.

Social media

First Friends are on Instagram as well as Facebook! If you would like to follow us, please search ‘firstfriendspdn’. We regularly post photos of the new and exciting activities your children have been taking part in! We also post updates and notices on our social media, so they are a great way of knowing what is coming up! (we know we went a little quiet during lockdown however now were back in the swing of things, posts will become more regular again!)

Invoices and payments

Could all parents and carers please make management aware if you are not receiving your invoices each month as late payments will incur an additional charge. We would just like to remind all parents/carers that we no longer accept cheques as a form of payment, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Appropriate clothing

Can we ask that all parents provide appropriate clothing for their children, we understand this is difficult as the weather keeps changing so frequently, but it would be appreciated if you could provide your child with a change of clothes to suit all weather conditions and the staff will be happy to change them if necessary.  Now that the weather is becoming colder, children will need warmer clothes still preferably waterproof and warm coats, hats, gloves and wellington boots. It is part of our healthy living, happy me and outdoor policy that we explore outdoor play, whatever the weather may be, come rain or shine. Children may frequently get wet during outdoor play so to ensure your child stays warm and comfortable please send a change of clothes so that we can change them and follow the above advice on suitable clothing. Please ensure you return any items borrowed as we only have a very small amount of spare clothes.

Children’s belongings

Can we ask that you ensure all your child’s belongings go home with you at the end of each session? If you could just remind staff if you think something may be missing. This will ensure that you are taking any soiled clothes home that need to be washed and will help prevent any belongings becoming miss placed or lost. It would also be extremely helpful when trying to locate items, if all your child’s clothing is labelled.

Additionally, can we please ask that your child does not bring their own toys into Nursery, this can cause conflicts between children, we will not be held responsible if your child’s toys get broken or become lost.

Toilet training

First Friends works extremely hard to work in partnership with parents and strive to keep strategies consistent here, which support those provided at home. For us to provide consistent intimate care for those potty training, children must arrive to every session with an adequate amount of clothes for the individual child. Nursery have a very small amount of spare clothes and children in the early days of potty training can have numerous amounts of accidents whilst adjusting to life in pants at nursery, due to many distractions. It is normal for children to take longer to grasp the concept at nursery than at home and it can also be normal for some children to take several weeks, so we ask for your patience during this time. First Friend’s staff regret having to call parents but in some extreme cases this has been needed as we physically cannot provide them with something to wear due to shortages. In order to avoid this, can all parents/carers please make sure that their children have more than enough clothes to see them through each day. Staff will communicate with parents as to whether a child needs more or less items. Can you please ensure you also provide baby wipes for those more difficult soiled accidents as I’m sure you can imagine how difficult it is to ensure a child does not get sore and cleaning a child with cotton wool and water can be time consuming and not effective. If your child is potty training, please ensure all soiled clothes are taken daily to be washed.

Useful links for potty training are as follows.


Nappies and wipes

If your child is still in nappies, please ensure you child arrives to every session with an adequate number of nappies and wipes. Please write your child’s name on the wipes. In the case of an emergency we do have some spares, however these are running very low. It has been brought to our attention that there has been lots of occasions where children are needing to be changed more than once a session and children are having to use spare nappies as a regular occurrence. I’m sure you can appreciate that if we do this every day for several children then the cost of this will break into the budget which should be used for resources. If your child has had to use a spare nappy, please ensure you replace it the following day. To prevent costs creeping up we will be left with no choice but to invoice parents for nappies used if the problem continues.


Extra sessions for term time only bookings

If you have a term time only booking and require any extra sessions for your child during the holidays, please email Sharon at

We are becoming very busy and as a small nursery can only accommodate children for the sessions you have prebooked. 

Parents arriving later than their finishing time will incur a late arrival charge, which is currently £10 per every 15mins or part thereof.

Can we also politely ask that parents do not arrive early with their child as we need to reduce the waiting time at the door due to social distancing guidelines.

Extended 30-hour funding entitlement for Nursery

Can we please remind parent/carers that once they are registered, it is your responsibility to update your details via the portal every 3 months to ensure that you are still eligible. If you miss the deadline you will have to reregister, and your funding will be stopped until your claim has been reverified.

The website is Please check your eligibility if you are unsure.

If you are eligible please ensure the office has your code, NI number and D.O.B at the earliest convenience as Derby City Council will be giving a deadline each term.

Thank you!

The management team would like to thank all our families for your continued support in this difficult and unprecedented time.

We hope you all enjoy the Autumn months!


Whilst parents/carers are dropping and collecting their children from clubs, can we ask that they be considerate of others. No vehicles are to be onsite under any circumstances and 2 metres social distancing must always be maintained whilst waiting.

Can we also remind parents/carers that the out of school clubs close at 6pm promptly, as the school requires to be fully locked up by this time.



Can we please remind everyone that the use of mobile phones in the units is strictly prohibited, this is for your children’s safety. 

Can we please remind all parents/carers NOT to let anyone into the nursery, we have a strict door safety policy ensuring only staff members answer the door bell or see to visitors. This is for the children’s safety. 

Can we please ensure to not wear shoes in the Ladybirds rooms (or wear the shoe covers provided)

Can we please ensure siblings are not left in the car or on the car park as this is a serious safe guarding issue, please bring them in the building with you.


Can parents/carers please ensure to bring spare clothes in everyday especially for children who are toilet training. 

Can parents/carers please ensure to bring suitable clothing for all weathers especially rain coats, sun cream and hats